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Advanced learning tools – Learn anywhere, anytime

How to improve your memory to develop better skills?  How to best use the resources available to acquire them in the long term? Since many years we invent new tools for people who wish to learn. E-learning, observation exercises and innovative tools that help develop logic, memory.

After many years in the field of multilingual legal publishing, and the publication of decision support tools for contract writing in important business law areas, we offer individuals and professionals learning adapted to the way the brain and memory work.

It’s discovered hundreds of things that help learning. Enjoy an innovative learning platform , courses full of rich content, designed to extend your knowledge about computer, music, languages, solfège and music theory, or computer programming.

Learning and Memory : the importance of multisensory learning

Let’s take a look at what’s really going on in your brain. How does your memory work? How we remember, and why we forget ? How To Retain 90% Of Everything You Learn?  If we both see and hear something, we are more likely to remember it than if we only hear it. We are specialised in publishing of on-line content, with a better knowledge of how the human brain works.

There are a number of publications that provide general statistics that a student retains better:

  • what he reads
  • what he hears
  • what he sees
  • what he sees and hears
  • what he says
  • what he does

Dou you know that you forget 80% of what you learn every day ?

How to improve your memory ? Active learning engages the whole person. We develop effective strategies for improving your memory and remembering information. We provice memory improvement techniques, and tools to help you  learn, and remember things better.