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Brain research for e-learning

Effective memorization fechniques for online learning.  With techniques like repetition, association, and visualization, you can improve your memory before it starts to fade.


Alain STEVENS has over 30 years of experience in Strategy and Management Consultancy. He is a software consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for cognitive science, neuroscience, development of memory, and learning. Strong foundations in learning developed in early childhood form the basis for acquiring and mastering core competencies. Managers are mainly autodidact. His goal is to train people who become self-proficient in many fields, access to knowledge and competences within the framework of education or by means of autonomous learning , improving quality of memory for everyone through its innovative solutions.


We help you assimilate new knowledge, promoting superior memory. We test your memory and schedule regular reminders.

Learn anywhere 

How to learn faster and retain more ? Train your brain to remember. Transfer short term to long term memory.

Learn when you want

you want to learn how to develop a photographic memory. Can you remember information when you need it ?

Enhancing Long-Term Memory

Hack your brain to remember almost anything. Cognitive neuroscience is a growth area in psychology and neuroscience. Researchers have identified how the brain is able to create and maintain short term memories. Think you know how to improve your memory? 

E-learning tools for memory

Improve your concentration ability if you want to improve your memory. Our memories are an integral part of who we are. Normal aging leads to gradual changes in many skills associated with memory. Content generated through traditional publishing can be reorganised, repackaged to help you learn good study skills.




Use our tips to improve your memory, boost your mental performance, and support brain health. Simple but powerful tips and techniques. 

Vocabulis : a new way to use e-learning technologies

What is e-learning ? Since many year, the term 'e-learning' has been overused. How can we use technologies to innovate in education? From children, students,  to a seasoned professional, new learning technologies are allowing them to take courses online from anywhere...

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