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Everyone had plenty of opportunity to learn something new. Here is what will happen:

  1. Normal way :  You will read a lot of books, texts, do a lot of research, you will soon forget what you have just learned. You can also read books about memorization techniques, which will then need to be applied to your new knowledge. You will spend a lot of time there.
  2. With Vocabulis : Save time and efficiency. Our courses are already structured for better memorization. Learn faster with our summaries, animations, flashcards, sketchnote, mind maps, remember for a long time with spaced repetition

Memory is a fundamental ability that plays a vital role in your daily life.  From a perspective of life-long learning, you will need to learn. At school, high school, university or continuous training, you will need to upgrade your skills and expand your knowledge. We are not going to offer you mnemonic devices just to remember numbers lists that are not going be used for something. The functioning of perception and learning play a fundamental role in your personal and professional development.

Are you looking for alternative teaching methods that will allow you to use technology resources, research results in cognitive science, memory techniques? Choose Vocabulis.

How to do today if you want to learn new skills?

You have a very wide choice of content.  Do a simple search on Google, and you will be able to browse thousands of documents, to choose the most interesting parts. At this point, you will have already taken a first step: understanding.
Indeed, read and reread text, it allows to understand.  But we can not say that this news is really assimilated. Moreover, you will quickly realize it. In a few days, you will have already forgotten most of it.

 Memorization technique

Memorization technique

Vocabulis solutions

It is a fact, observed by students every day, adults on continuing education courses.
This is the principle of the curve of memory, or the curve of forgetfulness, all that is not seen during periods spaced apart does not remain in your memories.
Our goal is to help you save time in your training Of course, you can also read many books on memorization techniques, but then you will have to put them into practice. Some pedagogical approaches differ from traditional pedagogy, they are recognized by specialists, but rarely put into practice.

With our training method, we put online content that is already prepared for better memory. Discover how you will be able to use simple and yet very powerful solutions, which will serve you every day, in your career, and your training course. You’ll be able to use spaced repetition techniques, organize your work with the Vocabulis journal,according to the principle of bujo, or bullet journal, remember lists with mnemonic devices, and work on your memory palace. This whole process will become, over time, automatic, so you can focus on the essentials.